The loss of a furry heartbeat

Close-up colour photo of a black cat with green eyes and white whiskers

Shai, my beautiful kitty, died last week at the grand old age of seventeen.

She’d been with me longer than my husband has (I got her when I was nineteen and I got him a year later), but she was kind enough to allow him to move in with us and, after a few months, even let him sit in the front seat of the car. She was a good judge of character.

She lived in two countries, two cities, two houses and six flats, and travelled in four cars and a number of boats. She was a contrary beast and, as was perfectly fitting for her personality, she waited until I’d spent £20 on a bag of stupidly expensive cat food and then promptly bit the dust.

She was my familiar, my beloved monster and basically me in cat form. We’re devastated. There’s a big empty space in our home and our hearts. We watched the sunrise together one last time, sitting in the garden with Shai wrapped in a blanket on my lap, and it was beautiful ❤

Vets4Pets at Fort Kinnaird, Edinburgh, were, once again, absolutely incredible. I phoned half an hour before they opened (we’d been up all night) and we were able to bring her in immediately. She died peacefully in my arms just after 9am on 19th September.

10 thoughts on “The loss of a furry heartbeat

  1. Lovely tribute, sounds like Shai had a good life and has definitely left her mark. Pets are so much part of the family. We had to have our 19 year old cat put down a couple of years ago and it was hard.

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