Photography: Small treasures of death and the earth

Colour photograph of bones and dried flowers in a wooden cup

This month seems to be becoming Still Life September for me, totally by accident. I’m not sure if it’s because my health hasn’t been great so my focus has turned more towards the things in my immediate surroundings, or if it’s an effect of the arrival of autumn, or simply a shift in inspiration, but I’m enjoying it.

This is another collection of beautiful dead things from my altar. The flowers were gifts from friends and the bone was found in a graveyard a few years ago (it has been boiled!). I’m not entirely sure where the wooden cup came from but I know it arrived with me via my husband.

The smoke isn’t smoke – it’s vapour. When I quit tobacco and started vaping, I had no idea how handy it would be for photography! The photo was taken with my Sony Alpha a550 dSLR using natural light and a brown faux suede curtain as a background.

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