So I gave the cat a bath

Colour photograph of a black cat wet from being washed

Shai had managed to roll in her own vomit, cause she’s a disgusting beast sometimes, so I gave her a bath. She’s clean. The bathroom isn’t destroyed. We both lived to tell the tale. I’m counting this as a win.

If anyone else out there finds themselves needing to wash a cat, I’ve figured out how to do it. Obviously I can’t guarantee this will work for all cats, but it worked for mine.

I put a bit of warm water in the bath, then put the cat in the laundry basket and gently lowered her in. She was completely fine until she realised that she’d been tricked, but even then there was no fighting, just some annoyed noises. Keeping her in a laundry basket was at least a thousand times easier than keeping her in a bath with no other form of containment.

By the time I was rinsing her with the shower, she was happily purring. After I towel-dried her, I gave her some treats and catnip, so we’re still good (in spite of what her facial expression in the photo might suggest).

This has been a sort of public service announcement and also an excuse to share a picture of a soggy moggy 🙂

6 Replies to “So I gave the cat a bath”

    1. Last time I washed her, I couldn’t be bothered trying to keep myself dry so I brought her into the shower with me, assuming this would be fine because she’s obsessed with running water and will stick her head under it given the chance. Turns out this does not translate to being OK with showers. She jumped about 8 feet straight up, landed on my foot and split my toe open. I have learned from this and am glad that a more sneaky approach worked better!

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