Stone Flowers Grow In Cold Places, now available in full on this site and DeviantArt

Stone Flowers Grow In Cold Places, now available in full on this site and DeviantArt

When I first published Stone Flowers Grow In Cold Places, I made it available for free download in multiple formats and uploaded it to Tablo and Wattpad. Tablo and Wattpad are great because they allow writers to create an online book that looks like a book but that can be read in any browser or in the sites’ own apps. Their product, for want of a better word, is beautiful and delightfully functional.

BUT (I like big buts and I cannot lie), I don’t have an existing audience in those places. So while they’re awesome to direct people to for a slick and user-friendly reading experience, they aren’t places where my work is going to be discovered unless I pour a mahoosive amount of time and energy into promoting myself on those platforms.

I have nothing against pouring a mahoosive amount of time and energy into promoting myself and my work online, obviously, but I only have a limited about of those things (as everyone does) and I like to use them smartly, so it makes sense to make the most productive use of platforms where I already have an audience. Since my books are free and I’m not tied to channelling traffic to a specific sales platform, it makes absolutely no difference how many places I make them available to read. Actually, the more places the better!

At something-after-midnight, because that’s when all my best ideas happen (what is sleep anyway?) I realised I should make my books available to read in full here on my website and also on DeviantArt. All my online everythings direct to my website in some capacity and I’ve been using DeviantArt for over a decade, so thousands of people already follow my work there.

Because actually getting up in the wee hours to do things that require concentration is silly and not entirely possible, I quickly brain-spewed into Google Keep on my phone, got up the next day and got to work.

I’m very happy to announce that Stone Flower Grow In Cold Places is now available on my website here and on DeviantArt.

It’s still on Tablo and Wattpad, and I’m definitely going to continue to add new books to those platforms, but I now have even more publishing options to embrace. Self-publishing continues to be an adventure and I love that it affords me the flexibility to share my work with readers in so many different ways!

If you haven’t already read Stone Flowers, get stuck in – it’s about 20,000 words so it can be read in about the time it takes to watch a film 🙂

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