Photography: My new friend, Robin

Colour photo of a robin perched on the handle of a shovel

Happy new month, everyone! This cute little friend has recently started appearing in the garden. The weather was glorious on the day I took this photo, so we had the back doors wide open all day. I set up my camera and tripod on the step, then sat very still. For ages. OK, not ages-ages, maybe about an hour. But my bum went numb because I didn’t have the sense to grab a cushion to sit on. I will definitely remember that next time.

It was funny to watch the robin and our regular sparrow family’s reaction to the camera. They don’t seem to mind people and will come over for some food even when we’re sitting out in the garden, but the noise of the camera shutter seemed to unnerve them at first. After a few cycles of birds arrive – I take a photo – birds fly away, they got used to it, or at least realised it wasn’t a threat. Eventually, they were fine with it. I’m convinced this little one was posing. It looks very regal, if a little bedraggled from fluffing around in the bird bath a few minutes before.

It’s amazing to be able to shoot photos like this from only a few feet away, especially when it involves patiently earning the trust of such beautiful little creatures. The more I take pictures of birds, the more I wish for a longer lens so I could get more close-up shots and wouldn’t have to crop the final image at all. For this one, I was working with a 200mm lens and had to crop the photo a bit to get rid of all the extraneous background.

I’m definitely putting a longer lens on my wishlist. Photography, the gift that keeps on taking!

8 thoughts on “Photography: My new friend, Robin

        1. I’m actually not sure if he’s a he, or why I think that! I tried to find conclusive info about how to tell the sex of a robin but everything I saw either said “You sort of can’t” or gave conflicting info.

          Honestly, I reckon he’s a he in my head cause I have a male friend called Robin who’s into bird watching, so there’s an automatic association there 🙂

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been learning so much about this little guy and our family of sparrows recently. Taking pictures of them involves so much sitting still and waiting, so I’ve started to understand a bit more about how they function as a group and it’s so interesting 🙂

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