Vlog of reflections, observations and plans

This is a vlog I posted on my YouTube channel a few days ago. It gets unexpectedly emotional (I’m never sure what’s going to come out when I point a camera at myself), but it’s all stuff I really needed to say and it feels seriously good to have said it.

I’m still utterly freaked out by the experience of being on camera, even more so by the experience of watching videos of myself, and posting videos of me rambling stream of consciousness randomness, especially about personally meaningful things, is proving to be a bizarrely healing experience 🙂

7 Replies to “Vlog of reflections, observations and plans”

  1. That was great. I can think of many times in my life I could have used your wisdom! Thankfully I’m at a point where I’ve had many of those same insights myself, just due to hard won life experience rather than any actual wisdom of my own! You are so right about it being difficult to realise you are losing touch with yourself until something happens to make you look back. I think each time you go through that, it makes you stronger and more grounded in who you really are and what’s important to you.
    Totally agree with you about summer too! I can get severe hay fever, like having to wear a dust mask to go outside in certain environments severe. Autumn is my favourite time, winter is usually very wet here.

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  2. You are very natural, Tanya, and you make meaningful observations simply. I liked this vlog. I am balancing the improvement of my social skills with not becoming too dependent on others’ assessments of me. Your thoughts here were relevant to me.

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    1. It’s weird cause I don’t particularly care if people like me or not, but it’s important to me to know where I stand with people I have to interact with in an ongoing way. When I’m in a situation for a prolonged period where I can tell people aren’t being honest and up-front (with me or in general), I tend to go into neutral mode because I can’t deal with duplicity, and that’s when I kind of lose myself. But fuck that noise and fuck those people 🙂

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