Photography: Anansi and tiny machines

My husband was cutting the hedge the other day so I took my camera into the front garden and looked for tiny things to take pictures of.

Colour macro photo of a spider on a green leaf

I’m not sure if this little beastie is really a shape-shifting trickster in disguise, but I’ve been watching American Gods, so…

Colour macro photo of a fly on a green leaf

The more closely I look at insects, the more I think they look like tiny machines.

I took both of these pictures with a Polaroid macro lens attachment on an 18-55mm Sony lens that came with my Sony Alpha a550. The camera is about seven years old and was Sony’s mid-range dSLR at the time, the lens is a kit lens (you know, the ones everyone always says are crap) and the macro attachment was £12 from eBay or Amazon a few years ago.

I know that if I spent lots of money on an actual macro lens, I’d be able to achieve greater magnification, but since I don’t have that much money to spend on something that I only do occasionally (I get a kick out of macro photography, but it’s definitely not my main thing) I really enjoy discovering what I can do with older and cheaper kit.

The reason I’m talking about my tools here is that it drives me crazy to see people insisting that you absolutely must have the newest and most expensive equipment. If you’re doing something creative for enjoyment, the best gear is the gear you can afford, the gear you can actually own and use. Don’t wait until you can buy the best of the best, or the latest and greatest. Get what you can get, learn how it works and go create art!

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