Photography: Gentle lasers

Close-up colour photo of pink, orange and purple flowers

These little beauties live in our front garden. When we moved in last year, they had been trampled almost to death by whoever had lived here before. We weren’t sure if they were going to grow back, but they did and they’re gorgeous.

With the shallow depth of field and the shape of the leaves behind, it looks like lasers. Or it does to me, because my brain and eyes do weird things.

Nothing to do with flowers or brains, but as I’m typing this there’s a tiny bird at the feeder and Doug Nuts the squirrel (we’ve named it that. I don’t know if that’s what it calls itself) is sitting on the lawn beneath it. The bird is taking nuts out of the feeder, eating one itself, then dropping one down to Doug. I thought it was coincidence at first, but I’ve now watched it happen three times in a row.

Nature is a source of great fascination today!

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