You can now support my writing on Patreon

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EDIT 7th December 2017: I’m no longer using Patreon. You can read about why in this post.

With Patreon, you have the power to change the face of publishing by directly supporting creators and forging meaningful, personal connections with writers whose words inspire you.

Visit my page >>HERE<<  to find out more, including all about the awesome rewards you can get for becoming my Patron.

Why Patreon?

Anyone can read my books and short stories for free on any device. I’d like to keep it that way because I believe the joy of reading is for everyone and should never have fences built around it. It’s deeply important to me that my work is consistently accessible to people who can’t afford to buy books (I’ve been there) and that people can discover my writing without having to make an up-front payment before they know if they’ll get a kick out of my words.

Patreon allows readers who enjoy my work, would like to contribute financially and are able to do so, to support me as a writer. Viewing everyone I connect with as a sale-in-the-making and constantly bombarding people with repetitive selling messages on social media doesn’t sit well with me as a creator. Neither does begging people to read my work just so they can leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads so I can sell more things. With Patreon, I have the potential to earn an income without sacrificing my personal values, and without being that person whose endless “buy my book” posts turn your Twitter feed into one long, horrible advert. That’s not who I want to be and I’m pretty sure it’s not what you want to see.

How you can support me

There are two ways in which you can support me as a writer, detailed below. You are welcome to choose the one that suits you best, or use both in combination if you prefer. Patreon’s FAQ does a really great job of explaining how pledges work. You can read the section specially for Patrons here, so definitely check that out if you have any questions.

Become my Patron
If you don’t speak fluent Patreon yet, a Patron is something who pledges to support a creator while they create – much like any patron of the arts! Monthly pledges allow me to have a regular, reliable income while I write for you. By pledging a monthly amount, you can enjoy all the lovely things listed in the Rewards section (a bigger pledge means even more awesome rewards!) and bask in the warm, fuzzy glow of knowing that you’re directly supporting the creator of stories you love. To make a pledge, just follow these simple instructions, provided by Patreon to make the process super easy!

Make a one-off payment
If you’d like to pay for a short story, collection or book you’ve read without making a monthly commitment, or would like to add a one-time bonus on top of your existing monthly pledge, you can do that simply and securely through PayPal.

What do you get in return?

Depending on how much you pledge, you can get access to updates about current and future work, your name listed on my website and in books I publish, character profiles and other behind the scenes stuff that isn’t published anywhere else, exclusive question and answer sessions, early access to new work and even the opportunity to influence future writing projects!

Through Patreon, I invite you to join my community and share this creative adventure with me! ❤

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