Thicker Than Water, a horror flash fiction collection now on Tablo and Wattpad

Readers, friends and lovely people! If you like your fiction dark and gruesome, I’ve just added a treat for you to Tablo and Wattpad.

Thicker Than Water
A collection of flash fiction on the theme of families and destruction, with the following stories…

An experience, when destruction brings redemption to what is left of a family.
“It started when I read that 2,450 volts of electricity would be passed through my brother’s body and energy began to mean something different to me.”

The Ninth Step
A prayer, when a life is lost and a family is destroyed.
“Can you explain to her that as soon as I felt the impact, the world broke open and hell closed in around me?”

To Mother’s Farm
A conversation, when destruction is the family business.
“And they might wonder why he’s missing all his teeth. And his tongue. And his fingers. And his left eyeball. And where those electrical burns came from.”

You can read it for free on Tablo and Wattpad. Enjoy!

[Please note this book is a collection of horror stories and contains mentions of violence, gore and death]

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