Pride is not just a parade

Colour photo of Tanya Simpson with silver hair and Instagram Story stickers of large rainbow sunglasses and the word "queer" in rainbow text
My one-person stationary Pride parade on my couch

A lot of my friends are celebrating Pride today in Edinburgh at a wonderful parade and a tonne of awesome parties. I’m celebrating Pride today on my couch (and Instagram Stories, see above) because my body is in literally-cannot mode so going-places-and-doing-things is not accessible to me.

To anyone else who would love to be at Pride celebrations but can’t be for whatever reason, you are still valid. To anyone who can’t come out because it would put your safety or your life at risk, you are still valued. To anyone who is questioning and discovering your own identity, you are still accepted. To anyone who feels isolated or distant from your community, you are still loved.

You are already perfect – whoever, whatever and wherever you are. Pride is not just a parade ❤

11 Replies to “Pride is not just a parade”

  1. I went to a Pride march and festival in 2009 with a friend who was coming out publicly on her birthday. 🙂 Was great fun, if somewhat exhausting. I really want to do it again someday, hopefully when I’ll be able to openly express this side of me to the world.


  2. I watched our parade last night in Louisville USA. It was a mix of radical and corporate. General Electric sponsored a contingent of, presumably, its employees. GE was one of the first US corporations to ban discrimination within its organization. That was a boost for the cause nationwide.

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      1. In the case of General Electric, they got out way early in abolishing discrimination in their employment practices. They were the largest employer in the U.S. to have adopted a pro-gay rights policy (not sure if it included gender identity then). So I think their participation in the parade is deserved. When companies long silent and maybe giving contributions to anti-gay political candidates jump in, I object.


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