I’m on YouTube!

So a few weeks ago, I made a pact with a friend that we’d both have YouTube channels before the end of 2017. Anyone who knows me at all will be fully aware that I am completely terrified of being on video. It freaks me out hardcore. So of course I did it.

Bask in the glory of my nervousness! There will be more videos on the way just as soon as my heart rate goes back to normal and I can cope with talking on camera again. But hey, do something every day that scares you, right?

10 Replies to “I’m on YouTube!”

  1. Have a question for you… what do you think of these snakes in my garage? I shot the video last Sunday. At first I thought they were fighting, but now I believe they are honeymooning. Do you get any metaphysical vibes, meanings from them? Might have to copy and paste, if the link won’t open with a click. Thank you. Again.. Love the hair color!


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