Photography: Bewitched

Colour flat-lay photograph of a selection of items from my pagan witchcraft altar

❤ Eclectic pagan witch

Tools of the craft, bits and pieces from my altar, and part of my collection of lovely ritual paraphernalia.

7 thoughts on “Photography: Bewitched

  1. Your altar is beautiful. When I was still living at home with family I was exploring different spiritual paths and I remember Paganism intrigued me. But I knew my family wouldn’t accept it so I settled for a modest stone collection, candles, incense and hid it away. And now I’m so out of touch but I find it fascinating all the same.

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    1. The actual altar, where all my stuff (the bits in the picture aren’t even all my stuff – I have a bit of a ‘habit’) is a big shelf in the living room. It’s our household altar, so there are my bits and pieces, and my husband’s bits and pieces (he leans more towards chaos magic) and various other things that we’ve collected together over the years. It looks like a shelf of weird ornaments to anyone who isn’t familiar with the symbolism of everything 🙂

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