In my element

Now that I’m back home from my holiday in Ireland, I have time to catch up on all my online stuff and process the photos I took. I don’t do normal holiday photos, but I do do pictures of the sea.

In My Element 01

In My Element 02

One of the loveliest things we did was spend a day at my parents’ caravan next to this beautiful beach where I remember seemingly endless days playing, exploring, swimming and rowing boats when I was a child. Caravans are not what I remember them being though! The one my parents have now is bigger than the apartment my husband and I lived in when we first moved to Edinburgh. It has double glazing, central heating and a huge fridge freezer, all things our first apartment in Edinburgh didn’t have. I feel like if I lived in a warmer country, I’d be 100% happy to live in a caravan all year round.

Cloud Rush Home/Land

We were so lucky with the weather last week! The ferry crossings in both directions were perfectly calm. I never object to rolling waves but it’s great to be able to sit out on deck and soak up the sun. I hadn’t played with Snapseed, my favourite mobile photo editing app, for ages so I had some fun with these two pictures of the Scottish coast. We were blessed with some very photogenic clouds.

Bits of Boat 01 Bits of Boat 02

Bits of Boat 03 Bits of Boat 04

Because I spent so much time sitting on deck, I noticed a lot of details of the boat itself that it’s hard to pay attention to when the wind is whipping your hair around your face. I had my phone with my anyway, so I snapped a few bits of boat too.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into editing my Camp NaNoWriMo novella so I’ll be rambling about writing again here very soon.

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