My First Stories Ready to Read on Wattpad and Tablo

Since both Wattpad and Tablo form part of my plan to hurl my words out into the world, I figured I should get to know them both a bit better before publishing my Camp NaNoWriMo novella. The best way to learn about a new platform is to use it, so I uploaded my first stories.

Push is a six-chapter short story (just over four thousand words) that had its beginnings in my January flash fiction project and has been edited and restructured into a more coherent slice of queer trash noir. You can read Push on Wattpad and Tablo now. Both sites also have apps that are available for Android and iOS, if you prefer reading on a little screen.

HEARTSTAINED a collection of people and places is a selection of poetry and vignettes about friendship, love, loss and leaving. You can read it on Wattpad and Tablo.

DIAGNOSIS reflections on physical and mental illness is another collection of poetry and vignettes. You can read it on Wattpad and Tablo.

Obviously posting a few stories is only the beginning. I’m really excited about getting stuck into the community side of both platforms and, of course, discovering lots of awesome new writers and stories. New-new work will be appearing in those places too, although I’ll announce it here as well. If you use Wattpad or Tablo, tell me about your experiences there and let me know about your stories so I can read them!

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