Under the sun

We were blessed with warm sunny days last weekend so I spent Saturday afternoon lounging in the garden, reading, drinking tea and taking photos of beautiful plants. We have plans to make raised beds to grow some fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers but some of the things that were already here when we moved in are really lovely and will either be kept where they are or moved to a different spot so they can stay and keep growing.

I’m not sure what the red berries or the little white flowers are. My awareness of plants at least extends to recognising daisies and even though I know some people think of them as weeds, I think they’re beautiful and I’m happy to have them growing on our lawn.

3 Replies to “Under the sun”

  1. This are absolutely beautiful. I wish I could say I knew what the flower or the berry is but I can’t. I tried searching Google with no luck. They’re still pretty, though. I also want to agree that daisies are pretty. I wish more people stopped seeing them as a nuisance and saw them for their beauty.

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