I’m on Snapchat now, because reasons

My snapcode

UPDATE 16TH MAY 2017: My experimentation with Snapchat was short-lived. Read about why here.

Every time I read about how ridiculous/self-indulgent/disgusting selfie culture (whatever the fuck that even means) is and how terrible/offensive/pretentious it is for people to share pictures of the minutiae of their lives on the internet, I think, “Hang on, I’m ridiculous, self-indulgent, disgusting, terrible, offensive and pretentious! Why am I not doing more of that stuff?”.

So I downloaded Snapchat. My Story is set to public (so far). My “who can contact me” thingy is set to Friends, even though I haven’t added any yet. I don’t entirely know how to. I’m a bit weirded out about the idea that if I add someone as a friend they can call me. Like with voices. It seems like that’s a thing. Citation needed. I have another browser tab open with a Google search for “snapchat how to”. I made the little picture up there with my face in the ghost thing so that’s good. Look, I’m 36 years old, shut up.

If you follow me (or add me or whatever you do on Snapchat) you will be exposed to an interactive ephemeral visual art experience. Or you’ll see lots of photos of random crap I encounter as I go about my day. However you want to look at it. To be honest, it’ll probably just be a series of hideous mistakes captioned with “What the fuck am I even doing here?” for about a week.

As far as I know, you can follow/add/whatever me by taking a picture of the thing with the ghost and the dots and then doing something in the app. I think you can also search for me. My username is tanyassimpson (cause I’m super witty). From what I’ve read on some embarrassingly “teaching your dad to type” style articles that were exactly at the level I required, adding someone as a friend is a one way thing, then they can choose to add you as a friend if they want. So if you seem to be an alright human being or if we obviously know each other, I’ll probably do that.

This will be an interesting experiment. Or something. See you there!

5 Replies to “I’m on Snapchat now, because reasons”

      1. Hahaha! That sounds like the perfect app for me. I used to enjoy Instagram every now and then (when my good phone still worked). That also fell into the people watching category.

        Do you use Pinterest? I just signed up for it but I have no idea what to do with it.

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        1. Yeah, I use Pinterest more for gathering stuff I’m interested in than as a social media kind of place. I’ve got a bunch of private boards for character inspiration and stuff, and my public ones are mostly witchy, vegan, writing and aesthetic things.

          I’m at pinterest.com/itstanyasimone if you want to see what I do, but I’m definitely not a glowing beacon of Pinterest expertise 🙂


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