Published in Twisted Sister Lit Mag

Black and white photograph of a man's body lying on a carpeted floor viewed through a glass panel in a wooden door

Today is full of happy. My fucked up piece of flash fiction, To Mother’s Farm, has been published in Twisted Sister Lit Mag as part of their International Women’s Day issue. I was properly terrified about submitting my work to places but when I ran into an online magazine that’s all about “feminist and queer positive dark fiction” I had to go for it. Now, read the things…

While I was scaring the crap out of myself anyway, I submitted some pieces to a couple of other online lit mags and they were accepted. They won’t be appearing for a while yet so I’m going to hold off talking about it until I have links to share. But still…yay!

2 thoughts on “Published in Twisted Sister Lit Mag

    1. Thank you! I veer wildly between “It’s cool, I can do the thing” and “It’s terrifying and I might fail miserably at the thing” but I’m trying to lean towards the more positive option and summon all the determination I can.


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