Curare [Flash fiction prompt: Planned]

Flash fiction prompt 20 and it felt like time for something dark again. The title comes from a poison, just one of the things that are making my internet search history extra weird at the moment.

The story is as twisted as you’d expect of something named after a poison that paralyses but doesn’t prevent the conscious experience of physical sensation, but there’s no actual description of anything violent. I guess content warning for impending murder?

Colour photo of a hunting knife held by a woman's hand covered in blood

This one is my favourite. It’s very old. It belonged to my father and his father before him. I suppose you could say it’s a family heirloom, although it was never technically passed down to me. I just kind of borrowed it when he didn’t need it any more. I don’t think it’ll be missed though and I’ll use it for much more interesting things than he ever did. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? The handle is hand-carved and blade is still so shiny and new looking, even after all these years. I’ve sharpened it especially for tonight, especially for you.

This one isn’t quite so significant in terms of its history, but it was very expensive. I assume that will appeal to you because you always seemed to prefer things with price tags that would make other people gasp. If you ask me, you preferred them because the price tags made other people gasp. It has a high carbon steel blade and I’m sure it’ll reassure you to know it’s the kind all the best chefs use.

This one is an absolute delight, don’t you think? The pattern in the blade means that everything it cuts looks extra special. It’s called a decorating knife. I know it’s not strictly necessary and it was probably a bit of a frivolous purchase, if I’m honest, but I couldn’t resist.

The fillet knife, however, is completely necessary. It looks so delicate but it’s surprisingly flexible and ever so useful. It’s meant for fish but I got the biggest one I could find and I think it’ll do nicely. Besides, I know you’ll appreciate my creativity in using tools for purposes other than those for which they were intended.

Isn’t this one lovely? It looks like a regular cleaver but it’s actually a Chinese chef’s knife and it can be used for everything from cutting to smashing to tenderising. It’s really very versatile so I think we’ll get a lot of use out of it this evening.

Oh, I’m so excited! I’ve been looking forward to this for absolutely ages and I do love preparing surprises, especially for people who deserve them. And you really do deserve this one. I’ve been planning everything so carefully, right down to the tiniest detail. I had the most fun researching chemicals and getting hold of what I needed was surprisingly easy—it’s amazing what money can do. It’s very important to me that you stay conscious and even though you won’t be able to talk to me, you’ll be able to hear me talking to you and I’ll be sure to keep you informed of everything that’s going on. I’ll even help to keep you breathing so you can stay alive for as long as possible.

I understand that you might not enjoy all of this quite as much as I will but I’ll do my best to enjoy it enough for both of us. I know you can’t really open your eyes at the moment—one of the unfortunate side effects of the drugs coursing through your veins—but I’ll be very gentle when I lift your eyelids to show you which knife I’m going to use for each part.

I’d love to say this won’t hurt a bit but that would entirely defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? You lied to me so often but I’m going to be the bigger person and be completely honest with you. This will hurt. Every single second of it will hurt. It will hurt more than anything you have ever experienced in your life. I like to think that if we added up all the pain you’ve caused me over the years, we’d be even. Try to think of it as justice. Poetic justice. Redressing the balance. You see, I’m really just an agent of karma and you must know you’ve had this coming for a very long time.

Now, shall we get started?

About the photo
I promise this knife has never been used to torture or kill anyone. It’s pretty though.

Index of January 2017 flash fiction prompts.

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