Bird food, berries and bare branches

I could have added another ‘b’ in to the title – birthday! Yep, today I completed another journey around the sun and while I half expected thirty-six to somehow feel noticeably different from thirty-five, it really doesn’t. I’ve decided that until I stop getting asked for ID when buying alcohol, I’m still young. That’s how it works, right?

Colour photograph of a bird feeder in a garden with hazy sunlight

A few weeks ago I mentioned in passing that I would love to get a bird feeder for the garden. I’d completely forgotten about it until my husband gave me this lovely birthday present! The gift itself is gorgeous and I can’t wait until the birds realise it’s there and I get to watch them (and hopefully take pictures of them) munching on nuts and seeds, but the most beautiful thing is knowing that D remembered that one little thing I said and did something so sweet because of it.

Colour photograph of red berries and a wooden trellis

I’m totally in love with these berries growing through the trellis. I’m not sure what the tree is but one of the things I’d like to do next year is to learn more about plants and how to identify them, so this will be my starting point. We have all sorts of plans for that part of the garden – including hopefully growing some of our own fruit and vegetables – but the tree with the berries and the little holly bush next to it will definitely be staying.

Colour photo of almost bare branches of a silver birch tree against a pale blue sky

When we moved in back in August, this tree (which I think is a silver birch) was covered in leaves. Now it’s in its winter guise with bare branches blowing in the breeze – a reminder that nature is wonderful all year round.

My parents arrive tomorrow for a few days so I’m busy giving everything a last big clean and tidy before the holidays start for real. Once that’s done, I’m going to spend the evening doing some major pampering until D gets home from work and we can snuggle up for a late night birthday dinner, damiana tea and a film.

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Yule, or whatever you celebrate at this time of year!

8 thoughts on “Bird food, berries and bare branches

  1. We have a bird-table outside plus several feeders and birdbaths at various levels. It’s very therapeutic to stand at the kitchen window and watch the birds come and go. We’ve also got various bushes and shrubs in the garden that produce berries that the blackbirds in particular love.

    We do get some occasional unwelcome visitors. Squirrels try to get to the bird-table and feeders. One solution – add chilli-powder to the feed. Birds can’t taste it, but the squirrels can and they hate it! 😀 We’ve also witnessed the odd slug trying to get up there, although they get dispatched pretty quick.

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