Acrylic landscapes

Acrylic Landscapes 01

Acrylic Landscapes 02

Acrylic Landscapes 03

Acrylic Landscapes 04

I’ve been really enjoying experimenting with acrylic paint lately. When I was much younger, I used to paint all the time. It was my go-to creative thing and I loved it. It fell by the wayside when I was in my early twenties and started moving around more and living in places with less space. I’ve played with it a bit here and there over the last few years but didn’t really get back into it until moving into our current flat where I actually have room for art (yay!).

I totally do not consider myself to be a painter. I don’t have ambitions in that direction. It really is just a form of creative play for me and I want to stay in the untainted experimentation stage for as long as I possibly can because I adore it. One of my favourite things about acrylics is the way texture can be created and I love how this looks close-up, so I took some macro photos of parts of recent paintings.

The parts you’re seeing in the photos are really tiny and it’s lovely for me to see the details magnified like this.  Also, combining two of my favourite creative activities makes me really happy.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend, whatever you’re getting up to.

❤ Tanya

6 Replies to “Acrylic landscapes”

  1. Really like those. I use acrylics quite a lot, especially for abstracts and they are very versatile with a real purity of colour. I also like your close up photos. One painting idea which I haven’t actually done yet would be to take a close up photo of a painting and then repaint that on a huge scale.

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