Photography: Forced apologies and empty promises

Blue-lit colour photograph of smoke in a glass teacup

A conceptual photographic ode to things that appear to have more substance than they actually do.

I’ve had this picture in my head for ages so it was lovely to have time to actually shoot it today. The ‘smoke’ in the teacup isn’t smoke. It’s vapour from a delicious blackcurrant, aniseed and menthol flavour e-liquid called Darth Vaper. It didn’t cross my mind at first that vapour doesn’t arrange itself in exactly the way you want it to so it took quite a few shots to get it looking exactly like this. Between myself and my husband gently blowing vapour into the teacup, we’ve both pretty much hit our nicotine quota for the year. Worth it though.

If you’re interested in the technicals, this was shot in RAW with a Sony Alpha a550 dSLR and processed with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. It was lit with one light with a softbox.

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