Very much under construction

Hello and welcome to my incomplete mess!

I’m in the process of getting this place set up as it’s going to be my new all-the-things internet home instead of posting photography at and writing at

My photography portfolio and creative writing collection have been created and the theme is set up but there’s very little else done just yet. Domain mapping is also in the process of propagating so if you’re reading this after going to, you’re seeing it before I am and I’m still sitting here twitching and panicking that something has gone wrong.

I’m setting up one account (to rule them all) at each of my other social media places, so those are likely to be a bit of a mess for the next couple of days too but you can find something me-ish at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Medium, DeviantArt and Ello.

You can also reach me at because my email forwarding is the one thing that’s managed to get finished during the epic adventure that is Moving Website Stuff Around.

I’m working on getting everything sorted as quickly as I can and hopefully I will soon be a happy person with half as many blogs and social media accounts to look after.

❤ Tanya

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