Poetry: As if you bleed miracles

Colour photograph of a syringe and needle injecting fake blood into bubble wrap

and she sinks

because no-one really walks on water
even though she was stirred to rise by god
and her faith gives her breath to waste
all divinity, magic and blissful denial
as she dredges the sea-bed in dead jade green
for broken glass to tip a spear for your side

as if you bleed miracles

– – – – –

This was originally written about ten years ago, maybe a little more. It’s about someone and something very specific and describes the reason why I have absolutely zero time for people who claim religious motivation for actions that are purely selfish and only serve to further shatter someone who has already been broken into pieces.

The alternative title was At Least Jesus Loves You but I didn’t want it to come across as a dig at all Christians, which it absolutely isn’t. It’s a dig at one particular person who I can’t even bring myself to refer to as a Christian. It’s also not a dig at Jesus, who is not my deity of choice but probably a total dude.

As for the person who didn’t bleed miracles, he is not unbroken but beautifully rebuilt with gold in the seams between the pieces, which is a miracle in itself.

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