A silver tabby cat sleeping with its tongue poking out of its mouth.

Photography: Tasty dreams

Continuing my casual photography theme of little moments of beauty in everyday life, this is what today gave me.

A selection of very short (dark) stories

A selection of very short (dark) stories

Having recently discovered the #vss365 (very short stories every day) tag on Twitter, I've been enjoying a daily nudge from my muse, with each day's prompt inspiring me to write something new that has nothing to do with the book I'm working on. A lot of my recent #vss365 Tweets have been seasonally dark so I thought it would be fun to share a selection of them here. Enjoy!

future of personal blogging

Is there still a place for personal blogging? (spoiler alert: I think so!)

Back in the days before influencer marketing, affiliate links and precisely curated aspirational lifestyle shop-my-look blogging, there was just blogging. It was new and strange and beautiful. It connected people. I was in love with it. I still am. And I'm pretty sure that least some of the people reading this now are too.


Poetry: Unswallowed

the dream, again, finds me at the water's edge...

Poetry: No doors

they said if opportunity doesn't knock...

Poetry: Oxidation

as a child i favoured poster paints...

Twilight storm

Everyday moments, studying begins and epic vegan pancakes

I've been really enjoying capturing everyday moments, which I talked about in my last post. Here are a few recent ones...

Colours of a stormy day seen through frosted glass with a leaf pattern.

Photography: Storm day

I'm trying this thing right now where I allow myself to step away from I am going to take a bright, shiny picture of this eye-catchingly beautiful thing...

Discovering balance

Discovering balance

An untidy and honest story about rediscovering myself and embracing life at a different pace.

Why I deleted my Instagram

Why I deleted my Instagram

Deleting my Instagram has been both a long time coming and the result of a moment of clarity...